Witty Self-Expression Logo  Guarantee and Privacy Statements

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Money Back Guaranteed On All Products. Shop from home with confidence: Your order is backed by a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our guarantee gives you plenty of time to check items for quality, color, and size. If for any reason you wish to return or exchange an item, just contact our CafePress.com Customer Service department and you're done! For details, and action if you need it, go to our Witty Self Expression at CafePress page and click on the Satisfaction Guaranteed, Customer Service, or Return or Exchanges link at the bottom of the page.

Privacy Policy 

CafePress.com collects enough information to bill you and ship your product to you. They give us just enough information to check up on them. We use it to see what products are selling. If you're participating in a such-and-such-a-fraction-goes-to-such-and-such-an-organization  promotion, we will use the information to calculate the amount of money to send to the organization, and we will need to divulge your name and  purchase to that organization to allow them to check up on us.  For more details go to our Witty Self Expression at CafePress Privacy Information page