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We offer a large variety of Unitarian T-shirts, other UU apparel, and Unitarian gifts and items for the home. We handle the design and promotion. CafePress.com handles the printing, shipping, billing, and any returns. Browse through these links to a picture of a product you like, click on it, and add it to your shopping cart at CafePress. Click on "Shopping cart" (upper right) when you are ready to check out.


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What Kind Of UU Are You?

Just saying you are a UU doesn't say enough. Are you a UU Christian? Nature Mystic? Activist? Humanist? We have designs for you. Our Unitarian apparel will let you tell the world what kind of UU you are.

Our Guarantee and Privacy statements

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Gifts And Items For The Home

Want to give a gift to an enthusiastic UU? We offer over two dozen Unitarian gifts including mugs, posters, greeting cards, mouse pads, coasters, tote bags, throw pillows, and more.

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We have a number of designs dealing with issues: pro-environment and anti-Biblical literalism. This "Home Rise" design is popular on mugs.

Congregational Fund Raising

If you would like your congregation to raise funds through our web site, click on the link to see how.

More designs are under development.
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