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A site devoted to Opening Print-On-Demand T-Shirt Shops Online


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All Income, No Costs:
Sell Your T-shirts On The Web

by Thomas Christopher, PhD

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HOW TO SHIRTS Seven Delights of Opening An Online T-Shirt Store: The Pleasures Of Selling T-Shirts Online

Starting an online, print-on-demand T-shirt business has the is a source of delights beyond mere income, and unlike most other sources of pleasure, it costs nearly nothing to pursue.

I'm not sure anything can beat a print-on-demand (POD) T-shirt shop for the pleasures it offers. At a POD web site, you put up your designs and create an online "store". When someone chooses one of your designs to have printed on a T-shirt, you get a royalty, just like the author of a book. Your new online T-shirt store offers seven delights. More: 7 Delights

HOW TO T-SHIRTS Selling T-Shirts Online: Is It Really Zero-Cost?

Selling your T-shirts and other self-expression products at print-on-demand web sites is a business with a very low cost of entry. If it is not quite "zero costs," it comes very close. Here we look in more detail at how close it comes.

Selling your T-shirt designs at print-on-demand sites online has a very low barrier to entry, nearly "zero cost." More: Zero-Costs?

HOW TO SHIRT Finding Quality Keywords Free: How To Do A Keywords Search

To get the search engines to send you customers, you need good keywords. You can find good keywords for free with what Google provides. Here's how.

For people to find your web page, you need high-quality keywords. A high-quality keyword is a keyword that many people are searching for but few other web pages are using. You need to battle past your competitors to get to page one of the search engines, so the fewer the competitors, the better. Once you get there, you want a lot of customers to find you. Here's how you can find quality keywords. More: Finding Quality Keywords

HOW TO T-SHIRT Selling own T-shirts online: is it viable self-employment for a writer? 

An online T-shirt shop at a print-on-demand site can create another income stream for a writer at almost no cost. To set up shop you need a computer, an Internet connection, time, an account at a POD site, and an image editor. To be a success, you need to find and use good keywords.
Q: I'm a freelancer looking for extra income between writing assignments. What do I need to start an online T-shirt store? More:Viable Self-employment
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