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Spend Reality?

Express your heart-felt irritation. This design is popular in Texas and other places where proselytizers swarm.

The Rapture

The Rapture, the mythical instant when the saved will be lifted up to heaven, out of their cars and even their clothes, would be a charming belief in some isolated village.


"spiritual adj: of no worldly value" Express irritation at the crowds who babble away about "spirituality."

Bible Biotech

Here's a little ironic sarcasm.

Teach Evolution

Here's a scripture that forbids teaching evolution. "Thou shalt not allow thy children to learn the ways of evolution in any schools of thine, nor shalt thou allow thy children to labor in a house of biotech, for rewarding careers are an abomination." So there!

Awe Inspiring

"Which is more awe-inspiring: 6000 years, or 13,700,000,000?" Point out that Biblical literalism shrinks the human spirit.

ID since 9500BC

"Intelligent Designers Since 9500 BC" We are the first intelligent designers of species on this planet, and that only since the beginning of agriculture.